Student Review by Alex H.: Legend by Marie Lu

LegendTitle: Legend

Series: Legend #1

Author: Marie Lu

Published: November 29, 2011

Alex’s Summary: Legend. Bringing together all that a person knows of the United States and flip-flopping it turning the goodness we call home into ravaged countries called the Republic and the Colonies respectively. These two countries used to be together, bound by the people, the United States of America. I guess you can say it’s another Civil War. Set in Los Angeles, California, Legend brings together two opposite beings from two separate worlds. One whom we call June, lives in a luxurious apartment with her brother Metias in a more up kept part of Los Angeles. Taking a trip to the outskirts where the upkeep is not as sustained, people live in shabby yet livable houses. This is where Day comes in, a wanted criminal even though he is supposedly dead. Helping his family get through harsh times he lives and sleeps in falling apart buildings that are a result of the flooding while taking of a girl named Tess. Keeping you on your heels, Day soon meets June in unimaginable circumstances. But when Junes meets him, everything she’s ever been taught to do and learned about the Republic changes, as it twists and turns to create a story that’s filled with thrills, chills, love, and suspense.

Alex’s Review: The twists and turns is what caused me to love this book and its sequel, Prodigy. After reading it I feel very alive. My adrenaline kicks in as a part of this story begins to get suspenseful and thrilling. Add in all the action and it keeps you on your toes. Not knowing what’s to come you just want to keep reading to uncover that mystery. But uncovering it leads to more questions and that’s what drove me to keep reading Legend. It brings together everything that a person can love. The action, the love story, and the unpredictable storyline ties it all together to bring a story and book worth reading over and over again. After reading, I felt as if I was satisfied with all that Marie Lu had written. I wish I could say that there were “errors” in the book but from what I read, the book just seemed to keep me going with little questioning about why this happened, where this character came from, etc. I would love to go really in depth about what this is all about but that’s just going to spoil it for you. I’ll let you know that if you do read this book, go and read Prodigy too! You’ll love both books.


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  1. After this summary and review I’m ready to read both books.

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