ALC: Dear Girl by Aija Mayrock


I was approved to review this book through NetGalley.

Description from NetGalley:

From a poet and celebrated spoken-word performer comes a debut poetry collection that takes readers on an empowering, lyrical journey exploring truth, silence, wounds, healing, and the resilience we all share.

Dear Girl is a journey from girlhood to womanhood through poetry
It is the search for truth in silence
The freeing of the tongue
It is deep wounds and deep healing
And the resilience that lies within us
It is a love letter
To the sisterhood

This audiobook is a fusion of powerful words and beautiful music. Together, they create an emotionally resonant listening experience.

My Review:

It was an audio version which I loved since the author performed her poetry. I have to admit that until last year when I started teaching APLIT and was forced to teach poetry that I have never been one to pick up a poetry book. However, I’ve found a new appreciation for poetry and poets as I’ve taught myself and my students the nuances of poetic prose. This collection of poems is powerful and should be read by every young girl and woman across the country. As I listened I did long to have the words in front of me because there were so many lines I wanted to go back to and reflect on as I listened. There is something special about listening to poets perform their poems that help the reader/listener gain a new understanding of the words but it’s also helpful for us visual learners to have the words in front of us. I understand that at spoken-word poetry events this would not be the case but I want something tangible to hold onto as I digest the poems.  

I see this collection not only as an addition to my classroom (I’ve already started brainstorming lesson plans with these poems in mind) but also as a perfect gift for my female student assistants (I like to gift them a book as a token of my appreciation at the end of the semester). This collection is empowering, motivating and thought provoking! I will be purchasing the audiobook when it is published on August 25, 2020. Be on the look out for it; I promise you will want to add this to your personal library and your classroom library! 

The paperback version is already available, but don’t miss out on the performance of these striking poems via audiobook!


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