My name is Heather (Mrs. Peter) and I reside in room 918. Of course I don’t really live there, but sometimes it feels like I do. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy sharing my passion for books, , especially YA books, with my students.  It is my goal that every reader in my class find that one book that brings out the life-long reader inside of them.

I originally fell in love with YA books when I was in college in my Teaching Adolescent Literature class with Dr. Pam Coke at Colorado State University. The main assignment was to read 3,000 pages of YA but that proved not to be enough for me. I have continued to pick up YA whenever I get the chance.

I started this blog to do what I enjoy, which is share titles with my students, colleagues  friends and anybody else who is interested in my opinion. I have since expanded my posts to include reviews by my students. I’m excited to have everybody share in our (the residents of room 918) love for books.


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  1. Tyani J

    Hey Mrs. P! In just two weeks I’ve read like 4 books already! I was wondering if I could keep writing reviews for the blog? I think it’d be really fun and its a great way for me to keep track of the books I read… I wasn’t sure if you were still checking your school email so I thought I would try to catch you on here.. I hope you’re having a great summer!


    • Of course you can keep writing reviews! I would love to have a guest reviewer. I’m glad you are reading so much; sounds like the perfect summer to me. I am always checking my school email (it’s a sick addiction I have). Send me your reviews as you finish them. I’m enjoying my summer as much as one can with starting another Master’s program. 🙂

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